25 August 2015

"The Waiting Is the Hardest Part"

I said to Pat over the weekend "I need something to do!"  I was referring to preparation for the move; I am antsy.  I suppose this waiting for things to happen is character-building, developing or improving patience... The positive side is, because so much preparation is already complete and we have limited our current obligations, I have more time to watch movies, play guitar, train, etc.  Woo-hoo!  Good mental health activities.

Anyway...  We await communication regarding an interview for the job in Aberdeen.  There was an internal applicant and they get priority for interviews, so there has been a further delay for Pat.  We expect to hear something any day.

I recently had a quick look into fitness and wellness employment opportunities for me--just being curious, since I do not expect to work initially.  I found Nuffield Health in Aberdeen. As I lay in bed this morning, I remembered that they also employ physiotherapists.  I had a quick look and found a listing for a full-time PT.  Pat will have a look and consider applying for this as well.

As we wait, we continue to search the Google map of Aberdeen.  We are loving the satellite pictures and the street views.  Mainly we are looking for housing, choosing our favorites, and exploring nearby. Two of our favorites have already been rented.  This is our current favorite.  Great location: less than a half mile from Union Street (and the nearest Starbucks).  We have also been shopping for home furnishings, getting ideas of costs and styles.  If everything goes according to our current plan, we have good ideas for decorating this flat.

Anyway, we continue to wait to pull the trigger on my visa paperwork and application and the final, big clean up.  Watch this space...

13 August 2015

Quick Update

Aberdeen's Union Street: The Granite Mile

If you, like us, are dying for more information regarding our upcoming move to Scotland (probably not), this update is for you.

Pat got her HPC number (Scottish PT license) today!  It took longer than expected, but probably did not make much difference in getting a job.  Regardless, considering the time elapsed, it is unlikely the jobs in Kirkcaldy are still available.  So...also today, Pat applied for the job in Aberdeen which should be a good fit for her.  We think her odds are pretty good for this one too, but she continues to check the NHS site for other listings.

Dunnottar Castle (seen in Mel Gibson's Macbeth)
We continue to virtually explore Aberdeen, looking especially for rental homes. We will have to arrange for housing while still in the USA; it is necessary for my visa. We are looking for unfurnished, two bedroom homes near the city center (so we can actually enjoy the city.)  As we get closer, we will probably contact a property manager to help us with the search.  Here is one of our current top choices.  It is has two bathrooms!

Otherwise, we wait.  Each step we take is dependent on the previous one...

Aberdeen Harbour