29 September 2015

13 days in the clinic and 8 personal training sessions to go, but who's counting?

"Apparently you are, my friend!"

Boring stuff first.  We await two original documents, coming by airmail: Pat's job offer and the lease on our flat (that is "apartment" in British English) to sign.  I have already sent everything we have to my immigration solicitor ("attorney" or "lawyer" in British English.)  I will replace the blank lease with a scan of the signed lease and we should be good.  Now we wait for the go-ahead from her.  Next, my online application will be submitted along with payment for the application, expediting, and NHS.  At the time of submission, I will make an appointment to be finger-printed and photographed, likely in St Louis.  After all that, I can send my documents to Sheffield, England.  We will then have to wait "a couple of weeks" for processing, according to my solicitor.  Finally, they will return all of my documents, including my passport and we can fly to Scotland!  We are getting close, but still waiting.

In the meantime, we try to enjoy ourselves, taking advantage of what Quincy and the surrounding area has to offer and doing our favorite things.  This past weekend, that consisted of lunch with my parents, several movies, coffee shops, running, biking, and hiking, and visiting several of our favorite local food and beverage establishments.

This is just a taste of what is to come in Scotland.  While Pat is working, I will take care of the boring housework, shopping, etc.  Then, when she is off, we can just go do fun stuff together!  To that end, we continue to virtually explore Aberdeen, planning our evenings, weekends, and holidays.  Google Maps, especially Street View has been helpful for that.

Aberdeen beach and esplanade

Belmont Street

Castle Fraser

Slains Castle bar

23 September 2015

Getting Closer...

New artwork!!  ^^  Courtesy of my friend Laura (thanks!).

Not much to report this week.  We paid the deposit on the flat on Cromwell Road.  Well, I have not received confirmation of receipt, but it has been sent.  We are waiting on a few final documents, mostly related to housing, before I can send everything to my immigration attorney and make my application for the visa.  We'll wait until that is sent before our final clean out and sale/s and packing everything up.  Once I have sent everything to Sheffield, England, it should only be a few weeks before our departure.

Current schedule:
16 October--last work day in US
6 November--first possible move-in day in Aberdeen
7 December--Pat's first work day in Aberdeen

As we get closer, our excitement increases as much as our patience decreases.  As I wrote previously, this is character-building...

15 September 2015


I have to admit: I am a little disappointed that we are going to Aberdeen.  That is just way to easy for all of my friends and family to pronounce.  It is the same with our address--at this point it looks like we will live on Cromwell Road.  I was secretly hoping we would end up in a place with a name like Auchtermuchty or Kilconquhar or something.  Ah, well...

We are getting all of our documents together for my visa application.  This seems to be moving along quickly.  Pat's brother viewed some flats for us this week, taking further photos and sharing his opinion on them.  As I mentioned above, we are nearly sure about a two bedroom, one and a half bath, ground floor flat in a traditional granite property on Cromwell Road in the west end, but we have not spoken to the leasing company yet. We hope to get most of this done by week's end.

We have given our resignations, planning to work our final day on 16 October.  If necessary, our boss can be flexible with that.  Pat's first day of work in Aberdeen is planned for 7 December, assuming all goes well and in a timely manner, specifically her background check and my immigration process.  So, we are hoping to depart the US during the last week of October.

We are both beyond ready for this to happen.  Pat wants to be back home and see her family and friends.  I want to start the next chapter in my life...as a trophy husband!

09 September 2015

Aberdeen, It Is!

Pat had her interview yesterday with NHS Grampian for the musculoskeletal physiotherapist job in Aberdeen.  She was up early for the 6:30 AM (12:30 PM UK) phone call, dressed professionally (except for her slippers) and surrounded by her notes and suggested reading materials.  She obviously made a good impression.  Within just two or three hours, she received a second call with an informal offer of the position.  After some gleeful screaming, she accepted.  They need to call her references and do a background check before they make a formal offer, but those are merely formalities.

Now, the final push begins.  Quickly, over the next week or two, I will compile all the documents for my visa application which will need to include Pat's formal offer and proof of permanent housing.  One of Pat's brothers will be investigating flats (apartments) for us next week, arranging viewings of our favorites found online.

I would walk 3,938 miles...
Additionally, all those things we said we would use until we move, the things that we will not be taking with us...time to sell, discard, and give away all that stuff. Of course, will also have to take care of all the typical, mundane tasks of moving: account cancellations, address changes, blah-blah-blah.

We have fun stuff to do too!  Our local farewell party will be next week, giving us a last chance to see many of our friends one last time (in the foreseeable future.)  I have a special Scottish playlist prepared!  \\m//  \\m//  We had my extended family farewell get-together on Labor Day.

Our tentative last day of work is 16 October, so our actual move will occur within one to two weeks after that.  We can now stop waiting and take action, fiiiiinally.