08 January 2016

Our Moving To Scotland Holiday, A Pictorial

We arrived in Scotland on 3 November, but Pat did not have to start work until 7 December. We had a little work to do then, it was playtime!  Here is a photographic sampling of what we saw, did, ate and drank.
Entering our flat for the first time

Official permission to be unofficially Scottish

Aberdeen's beach

They have bourbon!

And Cholula!

Lovely day at the beach
Train back to Fife

The beach from Ravenscraig Castle, Kirkcaldy
Ravenscraig Castle

Ravenscraig Castle

Sunny Edinburgh from Kircaldy across the Forth

For my Quincy friends

The Kelpies, passing by in the car

Get it?

Had a few of these...

Edinburgh Castle

The ubiquitous piper on The Royal Mile

Sir Walter Scott Monument

Arthur's Seat from the Scott Monument, after climbing the 287 steps to the top

A pie and a pint

A proper pub

The Whisky Experience--so many choices!

Rural Fife

Fish monger in St Andrews

Bakery in St Andrews

Hee hee

Some golf course in St Andrews
Cambo Estate

Leuchars train station


Our street

African produce

Late autumn in Aberdeen

Cheese shop in Aberdeen

Not all of the architecture is beautiful here

Path along the River Dee

Big ships in the harbour

Fish monger at our monthly farmers' market
Drum Castle

07 January 2016

Settling In

I have not written for a while because I still do not have my computer and I cannot format my posts exactly the way I want on the iPad or iPhone.  However, I did get a library card and will visit my local branch soon to use their computers, writing a post and sharing a lot of photos.  Here is a quick update in the meantime.

Obviously, our shipment has still not arrived in Aberdeen.  We were able to track the ship en route and saw that it arrived in England on 26 November.  On 7 December, we received a message from the local movers that our shipment was in customs and they expected it in 7-10 days.  I guess the holidays slowed things down.  This week, we received a query from customs asking us to expand on the descriptions of some of the contents which I did promptly.  I expect to hear news including a scheduled delivery any day.  I want my stuff!

We have been in our flat for two months yesterday.  We like it.  It is spacious (hopefully, I still think that when we have all of our belongings in it.)  It had some issues, but the property manager has addressed them or is in the process of addressing them.  The location is convenient.  The neighborhood is quiet as is the flat itself--we can barely hear the winds and road noise in most areas.  I continue to become acquainted with living in a British household--front-loading clothes washers in the kitchen; gas central heating via radiators; drying laundry on the radiators; electrical outlets with on/off switches; electric showers, having only half a splash wall instead of a full door or curtain; a small refrigerator; old-style door keys, and lots of other interesting things that I may share later.

I am constantly exploring the city.  I keep my bearings most of the time.  It can be a struggle with non-grid street patterns and street names that change at intersections for no apparent reason.  When I get lost or confused, I have my phone and its map apps.  

I am learning the bus system.  We conveniently have a bus stop directly in front of the flat when we return.  We usually depart from another stop down the street about 50 meters.  The buses are nice, especially on a rainy, windy day.

I am also figuring out the money.  I think I can identify the coins by size, shape, and color now instead of actually reading them.

I mostly have a routine now, so I will make regular time for blogging.  More later...