26 July 2016

Walking in the Cairngorm National Forest

Since we had a visitor with a car over the weekend, we exploited him, having him drive us into the Cairngorm National Park for a walk through Glen Lui on the Mar Lodge Estate.  We passed by Braemar Castle en route and were able to get a quick partial view of Balmoral Castle on the way back.  Maybe we will visit them another day.  The temps were mild and rain threatened, but we made it in and out dry.  We stopped for a well-earned snack and a cuppa in Braemar after our eight and a half mile walk before returning to Aberdeen and a fish supper.  Braemar was a nice village, we would be happy to return for a few days.

A virtual wall of trees.

From a distance, the trees looked like paintings.

The trail was relatively busy, although it was nearly silent most of the time.

Resting and snacking at the halfway point.

05 July 2016

A Wee Weegie Weekend

This weekend, Pat attended a professional seminar in Glasgow, so I joined her on the trip to explore and play in the big city.  Before this visit, I had only spent an afternoon in Glasgow and that was during my first trip to Scotland back in 2003 when I got the Scotland sampler of vacations.  We booked a room in the city center to be close to the seminar, but that also meant that I was right in the middle of the action.  It turned out that Stan was free on Saturday and he and Katie were both free on Sunday, so I had company on my adventures each day, including a former Glaswegian as a tour guide (Katie).

The city centre is full of shops and eateries, so we visited my share of each.  We were surrounded by impressive architecture which you will see in the photos.  I attempted to take advantage of the local culture too, visiting four museums: The Lighthouse, Gallery of Modern Art, The Riverside Museum--home of the Glasgow Museum of Transport, and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.  All were free, by the way--you cannot find that in Chicago!

The highlights of the weekend for me were my burger at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries; my burrito--cannot recall the name of the place--always a pleasant surprise to find decent Mexican food in Scotland; seeing the French impressionists at Kelvingrove; and seeing Graeme "The Flying Scotsman" Obree's bikes at Riverside.