06 January 2017

"Celebrating the New Year in Fife (and nearby)" or "Dooking for Maggie's"

As we had two weeks off through the holidays, we planned a long New Year's weekend in Dunfermline with friends.  Yes!  Two weeks!  In fact, most of my time was mandatory--no complaints from me!

We started from Aberdeen early and were able to watch the sunrise over the North Sea from the train. I could not quite get the timing right to catch the best views for the video.  It was truly stunning at times though.

Most of our weekend was planned to be relatively quiet, including a few meals out and a night in on New Year's Eve.  There was plenty of food and drink, of course, and some games.  I furthered my education in British television by viewing several episodes of Still Game and Mrs. Brown's Boys (reminded me of (a dirtier version of) The Carol Burnett Show) . . . still giggling. We also watched the new Sherlock!  We were hoping to go for a forest walk on New Year's Eve, but the weather turned wet and windy.  So, coffee and shopping instead!  During the weekend, we found some great bargains including a new coat for Pat and some skiing gear for me.

The major event planned for the weekend was a trip to Broxburn on New Year's Day for a party with friends, new and old.  In addition to the food and drink buffet, there were games, karaoke, guitar playing and singing, and the inaugural Broomy Dook to benefit Maggie's Centres!  There was talk of doing the Loony Dook in Edinburgh, but the logistics of that event would have taken away most of the fun.  So, our friends organized their own dook in the burn (creek or brook) in their back garden (yard).

Before: a warming dram of Cointreau

During: my slo-mo burpee

During: second time--tried to float

After: representing America!

After: shared warmth

After: WE DID IT!

Here is a link to the video of the Dook and to the Just Giving page if you would like to make a donation.  Best wishes to everyone in 2017!