27 March 2017

Early Spring Exploration

Having realized our recent unadventerousness and having beautiful Scottish spring weather over the weekend, we struck out to take in healthy doses of sun, fresh country air, and novel sights.  On Saturday, after a long bus ride, viewing the city from the upper deck, we had a picnic in Peterculter (that's Pee-er-koo-er, no "t"s or "l" and hard stops in their places).  Then, we walked a section of the Deeside Way into the Aberdeenshire countryside, about six miles out-and-back round trip.

(Photos courtesy of my lovely wife)

On Sunday, we took a shorter walk from home (about 1.5 miles one way) to the nearby Persley Walled Garden.  The garden just happened to be close to both a bike shop and a wine shop to which we had never been.  We had to stop in!  Afterward, we were able to sit in the back garden in the sunshine and enjoy some of our purchases: wine, not bikes.

After we move next week, we hope to continue our exploration of northeast Scotland and beyond.

20 March 2017

A Lull In The Adventure

I have not written for a while, mainly because nothing extraordinary has occurred.  Nothing has inspired me.  I suppose we had that post-holiday hangover and just did not do much.  Maybe we just needed the rest!  Looking at all of our photos, 2016 was busy.

Pat and I were both off work last week and her mother came for the week.  We showed her around Aberdeen a bit and got a Co-Wheels car for a day in the 'Shire, visiting Drum and Crathes castles.  They were both closed, but we walked around the grounds and gardens.  We realized, we need to start our exploration again.  There are still lots of castles and other historical and archaeological sites nearby that we have not yet seen.  So: watch this space.

A quiet Crathes Castle

Really, the only news to share is that we should be moving soon.  If you recall, we have been in temporary lodgings since November, staying at the home of some friends while they are in France.  We are waiting for our references to be checked for a new lease.  If all goes to plan, we will collect the keys on April 3.  We will be returning to Aberdeen's West End to a flat similar to the one we had initially: slightly smaller, but nicer.  We are eager to unpack and get settled. It seems like we have been moving for two years.

Fingers crossed: our new flat