08 January 2018

A Short Visit to Inverness

Pat and I took off work for the two weeks of Christmas and New Year.  Much of it was spent quietly at home, but we found a bargain on a hotel for one night in Inverness, including most of our meals.  I had only seen a tiny bit of Inverness on previous visits, mostly just the train station.  What little I had seen seemed worthy of a proper visit, so...

We spent most of our time around the city center and along the River Ness.  We shopped a little.  We visited Inverness Castle (now the courthouse) for views of the city.  We explored the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery which had some impressive items, including several Iron Age and Bronze Age pieces and some ancient engraved cave art.  Several places were closed and weather was not ideal for the hill walk we hoped to take on the second day, giving us time for relaxation (and coffee) as well.

Inverness Castle

St Andrew's Cathedral

River Ness

 Columba Hotel, our home for the night.

Snow on the mountains

I am sure we will return, hopefully on a nicer day to visit Castle Urquhart and Craig Phadrig, the botanic garden, and maybe even Fort George.