16 April 2018


Prague is a special place.  Pat and I spent four nights there last month and were convinced on day one that we will be returning.  So much to do and see--it cannot all be done in just a few days.  In fact, I have wanted to write this blog for a while, but I did not know where to begin--so much to say.  I think I will just let the photos tell the story.  (Be sure to click/tap on the photos for the big versions.)  However, one bit of advice if you are thinking of going: be sure to keep plenty of small coins (Czech koruna) handy...for the pay toilets.

Day 1

Prague's art nouveau central train station

Inside the central train station

The Powder Tower, one of the original city gates

Old Town Square

The famous astronomical clock is in the Old Town Square.  Unfortunately for us, it is being renovated.  This is what we would have seen each hour had it been working.

The Dancing House or Fred & Ginger;
we had a drink in the cocktail bar at the top of Fred.

Day 2

Prague Castle, the world's largest complex castle; it is basically its own city.

Second Courtyard

First Courtyard

Changing of the guard--the informal, hourly version

Giants' Gate, as seen in the film, The Illusionist

Cathedral of St Vitus

The ancient royal palace: apparently, they had jousting in this great room.

St George's Basilica

St George and the Dragon

Golden Lane

The view of the city from the castle

TV tower, visible all over the city

Just outside the castle 

Strahov Monastery: the libraries were the highlight of the week--stunning, as seen in several films including Casino Royale and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

The city viewed from Strahov Monastery

The ball scene from Van Helsing was filmed inside this church.

Charles Bridge, built in the 14th and 15th centuries, as seen in Mission Impossible and XXX.

Kampa Park

Crawling Babies; apparently, there are more of them
climbing up the TV tower too

Recreating a scene from The Bourne Identity which was filmed here (not Zurich)

So....yeah, I watch a lot of movies....

Coming soon...

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