30 May 2018

Spring Adventures

After a long, cold winter--too much like back home for my preference--it has been nice to have some mild weather, if not hot.  April included some nice days and May has been mostly good, even what I would call warm on a few days.  Because of the nice weather, we have taken several opportunities to further explore the 'Shire.

Kildrummy Castle: it was so peaceful.

Craigievar Castle: we had visited before, but this time it was open and we took the tour.  Like most castles unfortunately, photography is not allowed inside.

Leith Hall: the inside was impressive and I am sure the gardens are gorgeous now, but we were there too early in the spring.

Glentanar Estate: for a walk through the fresh air of The Highlands.

The chapel is still in use.

A beautiful day for gliding, apparently.

Someone's house?

See the horse?

Me, our navigator and driver.

Last year, we were close to Balmoral Castle, the Scottish home of the UK's royal family, and Royal Lochnagar Distillery, but this time we took both of the tours.  The grounds of Balmoral are beautiful, but the tour only includes one room inside the castle, so we were very happy we had discounted vouchers--full price would have been overpriced.

Our souvenir for the day.

Last September, we went to the Braemar Gathering and I hope to return this year to do the hill race.  In preparation for that and since we were close, we visited the hill to get acquainted.  We later drove deeper into The Highlands for the views since the day was absolutely gorgeous.

A quick video to show how hilly and curvy the roads were.

Once again, partial credit for the photographs goes to my wife, Pat.