09 September 2018

They Didn't Kick Me Out!

Prior to first coming to Scotland, I had to apply for a resident permit.  This application was on the basis of family--being married to Pat, a UK citizen.  Once approved and collected, I had about thirty months to stay in Scotland.  That expired this summer and I had to reapply.  The first time, we used an immigration attorney, assuring that we did everything necessary and accurately.  This time, we thought we knew enough to do it on our own.  After hours of compiling documents and completing online forms, including multiple checks for accuracy, a payment of about £1500, and eight weeks of patiently waiting...

...my new card arrived in the mail and I now have permission to stay in Scotland for another thirty months!  Then, because I will have been here for over five years at that point, I will be able to apply for "indefinite right to remain"--basically, permanent residency, like a green card in the US.  For now, I am legal.  Woo-hoo!