22 November 2018

Missing Thanksgiving

I am not complaining and I am certainly not looking for sympathy.  Life is good!  However, I do miss Thanksgiving.  It has been my favorite American holiday for as long as I have actually thought about it.

My pumpkin pie substitute
A weekday off, often including a long weekend.  No stress:  just food, family, and relaxation.  Turkey Trots!  The calm before the storm that is Christmas and New Year.  Ugh!  And, a little nudge to remember to be grateful.

I have a small turkey for Sunday and I am planning several Midwestern favorites, including green bean casserole and stuffing (like Stove Top) and hopefully, a pumpkin dessert.  I found pumpkin purée!  I really wanted cornbread casserole too, but cream corn is not available here.  Well, I can get it for a ridiculous price from Amazon, but no.  It will be a good meal, maybe a little nostalgic, but not quite the same.  I suppose that is life, though:  things change.  And, that is okay.  Like I said, life is good!  And, I am thankful for the life I have, including all of you who read my blog.  All the best!


Ahh, yes...

This was followed by a delicious pumpkin cheesecake. 

13 November 2018

The Royal Cairns at Balmoral

It is that time of year when we have to take advantage of the nice days when they come, along with the limited daylight.  Saturday, we booked a car and headed west to Crathie for a walk around Balmoral Castle, passing by the royal cairns.

It was a beautiful autumn day for a forest/hill walk and a picnic. We covered about six and a half miles, including a few steep sections.  We definitely earned our picnic lunch and our chippy upon returning to Aberdeen.

Princess Louise's Cairn

The Purchase Cairn

The view of Deeside from The Purchase Cairn

Prince Leopold's Cairn

Balmoral Castle

Prince Arthur's Cairn

Princess Beatrice's Cairn

Prince Albert's Pyramid

The pyramid's inscription

Princess Alice's Cairn

Princess Helena's Cairn

The Dee was full and fast.

Thanks again, to Pat, for some of the photos.