17 April 2019

I Am Still Here! And, We Went to Dundee.

I have not been inspired to blog for a while...obviously.  Really, not much has happened--life has been mundane.  We have barely been out of Aberdeen since I last posted.  We visited a local dairy farm that has its own farm shop and cafe.  I found it while cycling on a nice day earlier this year and we returned with friends later.  We were familiar with their products, having bought meat, cheese, and oatcakes at the local markets.  Honestly, I cannot think of much else to share other than our recent trip to Dundee.

It was Pat's birthday weekend and we wanted to get out of town and do something.  The weather was appropriate for indoor activities, so we hopped on a train to Dundee to see the new V&A Dundee, Scotland's first design museum.  Katie and Stan surprised Pat by joining us for most of the day.  After a cuppa and a scone, we explored the museum.  There is not yet a lot to see, so it did not take long.  We had a quick look at the RRS Discovery next door--quick, because of the very cold wind.  The Discovery took Scott and Shackleton on their first Antarctic expedition.  Then, more coffee and exploration of the city center.

The V&A

RRS Discovery

Comics character, Desperate Dan

Pat's real birthday adventure is next month...

Photo credit to Pat.